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Sipahh Fundraising

Sipahh Fundraising Ventures is a dedicated programme designed to help kids, clubs and schools raise money for their causes through the sale of Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws. As part of our commitment to supporting Australian schools and communities, we’ve dreamed up a more wholesome, healthy and inventive way of fundraising. It inspires early ingenuity in kids and returns healthy profits for you in a delicious, lower sugar, portion controlled product.

It’s a lower sugar option compared to donut days or sugary drinks, PLUS, the margins are healthy too. A win for everyone!

A fundraising initiative you can feel good about

Sipahh is an Australian invention that has been around for over 10 years. It has been built on a sprit of entrepreneurialism and health and it occurred to us that we had some synergies with fundraising groups across Australia. Which is why we have developed some unique offers just for those entrepreneurial fundraising groups looking for something new and different to offer.

Australian kids love our Sipahh straws because they’re so unique and novel and parents love them because they’re lower in sugar than many other options out there.

top 4 benefits of fundraising with sipahh

Your school or group can raise $22 per fundraising box sold (46% margin). e.g, Sell 32 boxes and you raise over $700.

Rating 4.5 healthy star rating and less than 1/2 a Tsp of sugar per straw. A healthier solution to the chocolate drive or donut drive.

Our team is available to provide support during your fundraising drive, plus we supply all the support material needed for success.

Order your fundraising crates today and payment isn’t due for 28 days. Giving you time to kick start fundraising at ease.

What is Sipahh

Sipahh is best served in the afternoons, when imagination is fuelled and opportunity is ripe for new creations and play. Sipahh is mother approved for everyday consumption – for kids, or the inner child who never really grows up!

We don’t overwhelm you with sweetness. Every Sipahh straw ebbs and flows in a unique way, with bursts of lovely flavour and hints of creamy milk.

Each Sipahh straw:

Has less than 1⁄2 teaspoon of added sugar

Is portion controlled

Has no preservatives, artificial colours, or artificial flavours

24 delicious flavours

fundraising programme to support australian schools and community groups

Benefits of fundraising crates

Raise $22 per box sold (46% margin)

Quick and easy to order online

Healthier solution to the chocolate drive

No Mess

Unique fundraising venture

Just how much profit should you expect? Each box costs you $26 and if your group sells 200 boxes you will make a profit of $4,400. PLUS, you get FREE delivery Australia wide.

The Sipahh fundraising box

24 x 4 packs

6 x Cocoa-Bean Chocolate

6 x Luscious Strawberry

6 x Okey Dokey Cookies and Cream

6 x Chilled Out Choc Mint

An envelope for kids to keep the collected money. We recommend that you sell each 4 pack for $2 each.

Sipahh fundraising online resources

We really want to support your fundraising program as much as possible so we have developed some templates to help you advertise and manage your fundraising venture.

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