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This is the destination for those that truly love Sipahh because it’s here that we can tailor a special bespoke offer just for you, or for those you’re giving a special Sipahh gift to.

It’s the only place where you can buy your favourite flavours individually and in bulk. You can mix and match in any combination of flavours so you can buy only the flavours you love, and leave the ones you don’t…. (don’t worry, they all go to a good home! One kid’s Chilled Out Choc Mint is another kid’s Velvet Vanilla or Sunset Choc Orange).

Your much loved combination of special flavours will be packed up into your very own Sipahh carton and delivered direct to your door so you can enjoy more milk, less sugar everyday.

Our online store is not just for direct to home. Schools and cafes can purchase from our online store and select the flavours that they know will be most suitable for their customers.  Sipahh is green light approved for school canteens when served with reduced fat milk (apart from Amber in OLD and no rating in SA).

Our special Sipahh fundraising solutions are also purchased through our online store.

buy your favourite flavours individually or in bulk

So many of you have commented that you love our gorgeous milk carton packaging. We do too!

It’s this packaging that you could previously find in supermarkets across Australia. Currently most regular supermarkets (Coles, IGA, Woolworths) in Australia don’t have the product stocked. This means you will need to shop at our online store where you will find a much better range and personalised service.

You will find our Sipahh 40 pack in Costco. This special Costco pack contains 4 of our most popular flavours which are Cocoa-Bean ChocolateLuscious StrawberryOkey-Dokey Cookies & Cream and Hello Marshmallow!.