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How often has your child come home from a birthday party in tears, overwrought and overstimulated by exposure to too much sugar? Most of the time, there’s yet more sugar lurking in the thank-you goodies in their take-home party bags – so the sugar rush continues.

A healthier, lower-sugar option for your child’s next birthday party, group playdate or special occasion, is a themed Sipahh Milk Party, where milk flavouring straws and matching party decorations in pretty, pastel colours are the stars of the show.

A party where the birthday boy or girl serves their friends glasses of fresh, wholesome milk from behind the party centrepiece – the Sipahh Milk Bar – will be a hit with kids and parents alike. Everyone will want to have a go at serving from the blue-striped, old-fashioned milk bar. For kids who love role playing, it’s a fun, interactive, creative activity which will keep them happy and engaged. The milk bar also doubles as a photo booth – a perfect way to capture and share party moments.

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Follow Sipahh’s 6 easy tips for hosting a milk party

Sipahh Milk Party

Create a pastel coloured effect for your party using the Sipahh colour palette as inspiration. Send out your invitations and let parents know it will be a low-sugar party – they’ll be delighted! To add some pre-party buzz, ask kids to come dressed in pastel colours to match the party theme.

Then, shop for bunting (or make your own shibori died bunting), confetti, softly coloured balloons, serviettes, paper plates and thank-you bags in pastel striped or spotty colours. Look for reusable and recyclable, old-fashioned glass milk bottles or jars to serve your Sipahh straws in as an alternative to cups.

Have some fun dreaming up creative games for the kids – like water colouring, sketching class or papier-mâché making and stock up on the necessarily bits and pieces.

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Make sure there’s enough for all the kids (and parents) at the party, then mix and match the flavours to colour the theme of your occasion. Be creative with your combinations!

Sipahh has 24 delicious flavours to choose from, so there’s one to suit even the fussiest. Kids with allergies are catered for too as Sipahh straws work well with non-dairy options such as soy, rice, almond or other alternatives. With less than half a teaspoon of sugar per straw, the kids can try a few different flavours, fill up on nourishing milk without being over-hyped.

For some real old-fashioned, interactive theatre, purchase our Sipahh Milk Bar to present the goodies on the day.

Stock up on some creamy, wholesome, fresh milk – and keep it cold! Add some soy milk, rice milk or other milk alternatives to your basket for those kids with dairy allergies who will be at the party. Sipahh works for everyone!

Have some fun with your theming, setting the stage for best friends, delightful afternoons and creative play, making for a very memorable birthday.

The Sipahh Milk Bar is your centrepiece and comes as a flat pack with easy-to-follow instructions. It has been designed especially to be the right height for young children to serve from.

Display handfuls of colourful, flow-wrapped straws in vintage milk pails and canisters of fresh milk and milk alternatives. Complete the scene with cute cups or milk bottles, as well as bunting and decorations.

Get the kids involved in some creative party activities such as arts or crafts they can take home, dancing or a Sipahh straw treasure hunt. The Milk Bar is also reusable – perfect for hosting another family member’s birthday.

Sipahh for Canteens

Be sure to capture the fun and chilled-out vibe of the party with the host serving their best friends a wholesome drink from the milk bar. Take photos of guests with the host and send the images as thank-you messages to parents afterwards. Share the images on social media and before long, everyone in your child’s class will want to have a Sipahh milk party.

Order enough Sipahh straws to include one or two in the children’s pastel coloured thank you bags so the memory of going to a Sipahh party lingers long after they’ve gone home. Parents will be thrilled to see Sipahh straws as an alternative to sticky lollies or salty junk food and – best of all – they can store the straws for another day.

Sipahh Milk Parties are not just for birthdays. People love to use Sipahh to theme their Christmas Parties, Halloween Parties, Easter Parties and Baby Showers. It’s all the fun and taste of delicious old-fashioned flavours, without the sugar-laden treats that tend to come with celebration.

And if you’re a guest at someone else’s party – Sipahh flavour crates, mixed and matched for the occasion and personality – make a lovely gift!