• Each Order Contains 60 Straws (unless in a Mix & Match crate)
  • Less than 1/2 a Tsp of sugar per straw
  • Mildly Flavoured
  • Lightly Flavoured
  • No Preservatives
  • Naturally Coloured and Flavoured


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Ice-Cool Hipster Latte

In the age of the awkward, the era of the edgy, the century of the self-conscious … the time of the Hipster is here. Thick-rimmed specs, spotted socks, bow ties, button downs and an impeccable taste in, — well everything — our Ice Cool Hipster Latte is sweet (but not too sweet), unique and utterly lovable. Australians have a long love affair with iced coffee – it’s practically in our DNA – but now this iconic drink has lightened up its image.  A refreshing shot of softness in a world where kind is the new cool, everything old is cool again, and cold coffee is the jam. No mock cream, no caffeine, super low in sugar and best served from your favourite earthenware, with your favourite organic dairy, soy, or homemade almond milk. It’s the Australian classic iced coffee flavour, with a new look. It’s only available online … but of course, we hear you ask: Where else would one shop? 






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