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Our gorgeous Sipahh milk pail could be lifted straight from the pages of your favourite farm and country magazine. Reminiscent of a vintage treasure picked up from a roadside antique stall, this little milk bucket has substance and style.


Display handfuls of pastel coloured Sipahh straws, within easy reach of afternoons. Create a Sipahh centrepiece or keep it tucked away in your pantry for easy organisation and access for all family members. It’s charming and lovely, a stylish addition to your kitchen bench or cupboard.


To create a showstopping display at a birthday party or festive celebration, arrange multiple Sipahh Milk Pails with armfuls of lovely pastel straws on top of our Sipahh Milk Bar. Guests can pick and choose their own flavour. Complete the scene with canisters of farm fresh milk and milk alternatives with glass bottles and pretty paper straws. It’s an ideal addition for your Sipahh Milk Party or Sipahh Fundraising Event.

Note:  straws not included

Colour: White with blue Sipahh logo

Made from: Steel with a matt painted finish

Dimensions: Height 15.5cm x Diameter 18cm Top & 12cm Bottom

Postage Costs:

1 Sipahh Milk Pail – $7

2 Sipahh Milk Pails -$9

3 Sipahh Milk Pails -$10

4 Sipahh Milk Pails -$12

5 Sipahh Milk Pails – $15

6 – 20 Sipahh Milk Pails -$20

21 or more Sipahh Milk Pails -$30

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Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 18 × 19 × 18 cm

1 review for SIPAHH MILK PAIL

  1. perrym-g

    Went on a date last week, decided to show my love for sippah staws and brought my own bag of milk and an assortment of straws along to share with my date.
    As I withdrew my OKEY-DOKEY Cookies & Cream from it’s sheath the restaurant grew silent, I could hear silent gasps from the elderly couple sharing a Lasagna.
    I couldn’t take the pressure and gazes from the other patrons and poured my milk from the hose hidden in my leg pant. I THRUST the OKEY-DOKEY Cookies & Cream into the glass and sipped like a gentlemen would, pinky out.
    The restaurant erupted into a cacophony of cheers and I even think I saw a few people cried.
    Needless to say my date and I our now engaged and also expecting

    Thanks Sippah Straws.
    – The Gentlemen Sippah

    • Ken

      Thanks for the report on your date night and congratulations on the outcome. I trust it is in line with your expectations, or hopefully better. No doubt the Sipahh Okey-Dokey Cookies & Cream played a role, but your obvious charm and charisma was the most important part. Hopefully you will be able to introduce new flavours on each anniversary and once the child is born we will have another dedicated devotee to our delicious and nutritional Sipahh product. We do our best to make things like this possible for people like you. 🙂 🙂 Please keep us informed.

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