Sipahh is best served in the afternoons, when imagination is fuelled and opportunity is ripe for new creations and play. Sipahh is mother approved for everyday consumption – for kids, or the inner child who never really grows up!

We don’t overwhelm you with sweetness. Every Sipahh straw ebbs and flows in a unique way, with bursts of lovely flavour and hints of creamy milk.

 Each Sipahh straw:

    • Has less than 1⁄2 teaspoon of added sugar.
    • Is portion controlled.
  • Has no preservatives, artificial colours or artificial flavours
Lightly Flavoured

With Sipahh you can really taste the milk. Lightly flavoured tapioca beads carry the Sipahh flavours through the straws, allowing for soft bursts of deliciousness, followed by pure milky moments. For milk lovers of any genre, let your milk shine through! Compliment the pure taste of wholesome dairy, soy or coconut milk with your favourite Sipahh pick from a wide choice of appealing flavours. Whether it’s the season’s best bounty of fruit flavours, timeless milk bar classics, or the latest flavour blends, there’s a Sipahh for everyone. Sipahh loves milk! We don’t mess with it.

Why Shop Sipahh Online?

This is the destination for those that truly love Sipahh because it’s the only place where you can buy your favourite flavours individually and in bulk.

You can mix and match in any combination of flavours so you can buy only the flavours you love, and leave the ones you don’t…. (don’t worry, they all go to a good home! One man’s Chilled Out Choc Mint is another man’s Velvet Vanilla).

Your much loved combination of special flavours will be packed up into your very own Sipahh Flavour Crate and delivered direct to your door so you can enjoy more milk, less sugar everyday.