A great Aussie invention, created on Aussie soil

Once upon a time there was an Aussie Dad called Peter who loved the goodness of fresh milk. Every day he would encourage his four children to drink milk, because he knew it would help them build strong bones and teeth. What he didn’t like were the flavoured milk powders and drinks that masked the goodness of milk because they were full of artificial colourings and too much sugar.


So Peter, who was really good at making things, decided to invent the Sipahh straw. For his first prototype he used his daughter’s stocking, then as the concept developed it took eight years (but lucky for his daughter – no more of her stockings!) to perfect his totally unique product.


What made the product so unique was how the product worked.  Each straw contained portion controlled beads of flavour. To use, Peter’s idea was to put the straw into a glass of chilled wholesome fresh white milk, and then as the straw was sipped, the milk was subtly flavoured!


The product was an instant success and now people all over the world, including Peter’s grandchildren, can enjoy the goodness of milk as part of a balanced diet – with less sugar and no artificial colours or preservatives.


Everyday, all over Australia, people carry on Peter’s inventive legacy with their own dreamy afternoons of imaginative play and big ideas.


Sipahh sippers are creative kids, who cut, draw, slide, splash and idle the afternoons away. With a cold glass of milk and their favourite flavoured straw, they’re ready to explore the universe of possibilities inside their very own afternoon.


We know parents and grown ups love Sipahh too! Take a moment to enjoy your own favourite flavour, and remember the very best times of your own childhood (and the child that never really grows up!).


* Sipahh with reduced fat milk contains 80% less added sugar compared to other regular milk flavourings with reduced fat milk.

Overall, there are 30% less total sugars, including those naturally occurring in reduced fat milk.