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What is the taste testing panel?

The Taste Testing panel is comprised of 12 Sipahh lovers who were especially selected because of their love for Sipahh. Their job is to be the voice of people everywhere and tell us exactly what we should be doing to make Sipahh Straws even more wonderful.


Our panel is sent top secret project packs throughout the year, complete with special missions and projects to complete. We love the amazing creativity that comes back to us here at Sipahh HQ.


The Taste Buddy Twelve help Sipahh decide important stuff like which new healthy flavours to release next and help us choose new packaging designs.


How can I join the Taste Testing Panel?

We will be recruiting for the Kids Taste Testing panel soon! Check the Sipahh Facebook page or come back here for details.

What is the Sipahh Club?

We were so overwhelmed by the interest in our taste testing panel we decided to open up Sipahh behind the scenes to more and more people. Our Sipahh Club members get to hear of special new flavours first, are often awarded with samples and merchandise, and have their photos and creations regularly shared on our Faceook page and Instagram. We love hearing from our club members!


How can I join Sipahh Club?

Simply send us an email letting us know why you would love to be a part of the club to enquiries@sipahh.com.au

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