Hello Marshmallow


Fluffy and enticing with hints of whisper-light sweetness – meet our cloud-like Hello

Marshmallow (hello)! Our friendly marshmallow straw, with its frosty pink flow

wrap, is a new favourite for pastel loving dreamers.


Mellow-Yellow Banana Smoothie

Mellow Yellow Banana Smoothie

Mellow and yellow, our Banana Smoothie straw is a low-sugar version of the old fashioned banana milkshake. If people compliment you on your classic taste, your reliability and your timeless good looks, this straw is the one for you.

Cocoa-bean Chocolate

Cocoa-Bean Chocolate

Subtle, sweet and oh so good. Simple and satisfying, our Cocoa Bean Chocolate

straw is your every day chocolate drink. The taste is creative play and fun afternoons

in a straw.

Chilled-out Choc-mint

Chilled-Out Choc Mint

For steadfast fans of chocolate-mint mashups, there is nothing better than the

refreshing, creamy result that comes from this surprising combination. Reminiscent

of summer, boardwalks, and afternoon strolls, Chilled Out Choc Mint is a firm

favourite for choc-mint lovers. Discover it under a delicious mint green flow wrap,

then enjoy!

Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie

Is this the real summer fruit and milk in a blender? The person who made the first

mango smoothie was a genius. An Australian staple, our Mango Smoothie straw is all

balmy breeze, beach towels and cricket in the background … It’s simply summer in a



Luscious Strawberry

Luscious Strawberry
The first sip of a Luscious Strawberry Sipahh evokes the milk bar of yesteryear with a

pastel drink that’s creamy and subtly sweet (ask mum or dad about the milk bar of

yesteryear if you don’t remember them!). A familiar staple in every Australian

childhood, Luscious Strawberry is an old fashioned favourite.


Okey-dokey Cookies and Cream

Okey-Dokey Cookies & Cream

A modern classic, the cookies and cream combo makes an appearance on every

quality milkshake menu since it became a craze circa 1997. Okey dokey Cookies &

Cream has the distinct quality of golden, oaty biscuits dunked in whole milk.

Velvet Vanilla

Velvet Vanilla

Aromatic, smooth and – of course – ultra creamy, Velvet Vanilla is a mild milky

flavour for your favourite milky drink. With notes of the finest French varieties, our

Velvet Vanilla straw is reminiscent of a simple vanilla sundae with a delicious wafer

on top.

Tropical Splash

Tropical Splash

Pine lime, cream, piercing summer sun and vivid orange sunrise, Tropical Splash

takes you on a tropical getaway with every sip. For the person always dreaming of

the next island holiday, this is your escape in a low-sugar straw.


Smooth Caramel

Smooth Caramel

Traditional baked caramel – smooth, tasty and oh so inviting. Like your favourite

fudge, hard caramel or sticky sauce, our Smooth Caramel is timeless and adored by

people of all ages.