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Sipahh Fundraising Events 

If you’re looking for a solution for an event, then the Sipahh Milk Bars and the sale of fresh milk and Sipahh Straws is ideal.

The Sipahh Milk Bar is Ideal for any occasion. Use it at fundraising events, school fetes, sports carnivals, local markets or for a special morning tea.

A special fete stand for kids, parents, teachers and communities to raise money at an event. We like to think of it as the old School lemonade stand of today.

Consider the added benefit of wholesome fresh milk and you’ve got a clever microbusiness with a healthy return on investment.

It looks gorgeous, kids love it and it has the major benefit of offering a wholesome milk drink in place of those sugar-packed snacks generally for sale.

We’ve designed our Milk Bar of that they are just the right height for kids and we’ve run the numbers on the product. Not only is Sipahh a low-sugar option to the usual donut days, the margins are healthy too. It’s a super fun lesson in serious business that inspires early ingenuity in kids. A win for everyone.


Where our Sipahh Milk Bar offer differs from the SIpahh Fundraising Crates is in flavour choice.

You can choose from any of the 18 flavours online to keep things interesting at your fundraising. Mix & match the flavours you think will sell best at your event by filling our standard flavour crates with your preferred flavours.

Each flavour crate contains 60 straws.

The kids (and staff) are loving the milk stand and sipahh straws. Its an easy way to make money for the SRC
- Cootamundra Public School, NSW