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Sipahh Fundraising Ventures

A new and wholesome fundraising programme to support Australian Schools and Community Groups


Sipahh Fundraising Ventures is a dedicated programme designed to help kids, clubs and schools raise money for their causes through the sale of Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws. As part of our commitment to supporting Australian schools and communities, we’ve dreamed up a more wholesome, healthy and inventive way of fundraising. It inspires early ingenuity in kids and returns healthy profits for you in a delicious, lower sugar, portion controlled product.


Sipahh is an Australian invention that has been around for over 10 years. It has been built on a sprit of entrepreneurialism and health and it occurred to us that we had some synergies with fundraising groups across Australia. Which is why we have developed some unique offers just for those entrepreneurial fundraising groups looking for something new and different to offer. Australian kids love our Sipahh straws because they’re so unique and novel and parents love them because they’re lower in sugar than many other options out there. It’s a fundraising initiative you can feel good about.

Looking for a more wholesome way to fundraise?

Fundraise with less sugar!

Each Sipahh straw contains less than ½ tsp sugar per straw and not only is Sipahh a lower sugar option compared to the usual donut days or chocolate drives, the margins are healthy too. It can also be a super fun lesson in serious business. A win for everyone!


Two Fundraising Options to Choose From


If you’re looking for a healthier solution to the chocolate drive, then our Sipahh Fundraising Crates provide a fantastic solution.  However, if you’re looking for more of an event or another option to the usual donut days, then the Sipahh Milk Bars and the sales of fresh milk and Sipahh straws are ideal.

Option 1 – Sipahh Fundraising Crate for Fundraising Drives

Swap chocolate with Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws for your next school or club fundraiser.

The Sipahh Fundraising Crate enables everyone in the school or community to participate by selling Sipahh straws to their wider network  or friends and family. Think of the infamous Girl Scout Cookie program – make it an Australian initiative, add a unique delivery system, make it less than ½ tsp sugar per straw, and you have a new and exciting fundraising solution that is healthy in product offer and profits.


We offer wholesale pricing and subsidise the delivery costs to help you keep pricing competitive. We’ve run the numbers and discovered that this venture is one of the most profitable ways to run a fundraising drive.


  • Each Sipahh Fundraising Crate delivers you a profit of $22 and a margin of 46%
  • Each Sipahh Fundraising Crate contains 24 x 4 packs and 4 different flavours; Cocoa- Bean Chocolate, Luscious Strawberry, Okey Dokey Cookies and Cream and Chilled Out Choc Mint.  It also contains an envelope to keep the collected cash safe.
  • Each 4 pack has an RRP of $2, making it an easy gold coin donation. Only 24 sales needed to sell the whole carry box! (that’s a lot less than most chocolate fundraising boxes!)


Important points to note:

  • We send out our fundraising crates within outer boxes of 8 therefore the order multiples will be 8 and we have a minimum order of 32 fundraising crates. Delivery is FREE!
  • We accept EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) only for the purchase of our Fundraising Crates.


Click here to purchase the Sipahh Fundraising Crates and to find out more about the order process.


If you would like to receive a Fundraising Information Pack and a Free Sipahh sample to discuss at your next committee meeting, click here.

Option 2 – Sipahh Milk Bar for Fundraising Events

Create some nostalgia by selling glasses of fresh, wholesome milk from behind an interactive Sipahh Milk Bar.

Are you looking to add some flavour to a school or community event that also makes good business sense?


Our Sipahh Milk Bar is ideal for this occasion. A special fete stand for kids, parents, teachers and communities to raise money at an event, we like to think of it as the old school lemonade stand of today. Everyone will want to have a go at serving from the blue-striped, old fashioned milk bar. Consider the added benefit of wholesome fresh milk and you’ve got a clever microbusiness with a healthy return on investment.


Use it at school fetes, sports carnivals, local markets or for a special morning tea at school.


It looks gorgeous, kids love it and it has the major benefit of offering a low-sugar milk drink in place of those sugar-packed snacks generally for sale.


We’ve designed our milk bars so that they are just the right height for kids, and we’ve run the numbers on the product. Not only is Sipahh a lower sugar option to the usual donut days, the margins are healthy too. It’s a super fun lesson in serious business that inspires early ingenuity in kids. A win for everyone!


Where our Sipahh Milk Bar offer differs from the Sipahh Fundraising Crates is in flavour choice. For a Fundraising Event, you can choose from up to 13 different flavours to keep things interesting. You can mix and match the flavours you think will sell best at your event by filling our standard flavour crates with your preferred flavours. Each Flavour Crate contains 60 straws and we recommend that to make it worth your while, you would want to be serving at least 120 people.

How to order and setup your Sipahh Milk Bar
  1. Simply purchase the Sipahh Milk Bar (insert link to milk bar on online shop) and the standard Sipahh Flavour Crates (insert link to straw page) filled with your favourite flavours. We offer a discount on the Milk Bar for those ordering 5 or more flavour crates. Once you add your 5th crate to your shopping cart (that also contains the Milk Bar), the discount will automatically give you the discount on the Milk Bar.
  2. We accept credit card only for the purchase of the Milk Bar and the standard flavour crates.
  3. For an added “wow” include our Sipahh Pail in your order. It’s a beautiful way of showcasing the flavours on offer at your event. (insert image of pail and link to pail)
  4. The Sipahh Milk Bar comes as a flat pack with easy-to-follow instructions. It has been designed especially to be the right height for young children to serve from.
  5. Add some jugs of wholesome fresh milk, some cups, a tribe of entrepreneurial kids and some thirsty guests at your event and you’ll soon be flush with profits for your cause and chuffed at the fun and ease of it all.
  6. Remember to ask your local supermarket or milk supplier for donations of FREE MILK. Some local supermarkets will provide fresh milk to savvy entrepreneurs in support of a good cause.
  7. We recommend you sell a 250ml cup of milk and a Sipahh straw for $2 – $2.50. You can write the price on the front of the milk bar.
  8. For maximum return on your investment, we suggest you then run a few other fundraisers throughout the year. That way you’ve already paid for the Milk Bar, and all you need to do is stock up on more flavour crates, cups and wholesome milk.
  9. If you don’t want to go to the effort of purchasing a Sipahh Milk Bar, you could of course just buy the standard flavour crates and set up a table as your counter to sell the Sipahh Straws and Milk.
Sipahh Fundraising Ventures Online Resources

We really want to support your Fundraising Program as much as possible and so we have developed some templates to help you advertise and manage your Fundraising Venture.



These include:





If you would like to receive a Fundraising Information Pack and a Free Sipahh sample to discuss at your next committee meeting, click here.



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