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 Sipahh for School Canteens 

Sipahh Milk for school Canteens and Childcare Centres

Many of us would associate school tuckshops with flavoured milks. A piping hot pie or egg sandwich goes well, washed down with a creamy chocolate or pink strawberry milk!


These days however, canteens are clearing up their act, and many overly processed foods have been shown the door. Commercially produced milks and juices contain too much refined sugar to be permitted in school canteens, and we think this is a good thing! But to most school kids, plain milk and water are not popular choices, as much as we’d like them to be! And this is where Sipahh comes in. With less than 1/2 a teaspoon per straw, Sipahh creates a delicious option that kids will love, and you can feel good about.


With a wide array of appealing flavours for kids to choose from, many canteens are having fun creating a beautiful presentation with a colourful bouquet of pastel Sipahh straws. Kids can choose to drink it with wholesome, plain white milk, and those with allergies won’t miss out – simply match with almond, soy, rice or your dairy-free alternative of choice.




Sipahh has a green rating in Australian school canteens when served with reduced fat milk as assessed by the Healthy Kids Association. The rating applies to the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. Whilst previously Sipahh had a green light rating in New South Wales, it is now following a new system in line with the government’s Health Star rating. Given Sipahh has a 4.5 star health rating (Federal Government) when served with reduced fat milk, it is still permissible in all New South Wales canteens. In Queensland, new regulations taking effective in 2017 mean Sipahh, along with any flavoured milk brand, has an amber rating. The rating in South Australia is red since Sipahh contains sucralose.


Sipahh is also a registered product with Healthy Kids and it is accredited in the West Australian Star Choice Food Registration Program approved by the WA School Canteen Project. It’s a good choice wherever you live.


We launched our online store to cater for the growing requirements of schools, preschools and childcare centres around Australia.

Benefits to Sipahh on your Menu


Flexible payment options available. Pay by credit card, direct transfer or set up an account  (for orders $50 or more) with Sipahh and payment isn’t due for 28 days.


Sipahh has a green rating (ACT, VIC, TAS and NT) and a 4.5 star health rating when served with reduced fat milk. Rating is amber in QLD and red in SA since Sipahh contains sucralose.


Rating 4.5 healthy star rating and less than 1/2 a tsp of sugar per straw. A healthier  choice to highly processed, sugary juices and flavoured milks.


Tracked delivery AU wide direct to your school or childcare centre. Plus, FREE delivery on all orders over $100.


“We introduced Sipahh straws to our canteen at the end of Term 3 last year and they have been a HUGE success. We no longer stock flavoured milk for lunch orders … only hi-lo milk with choice of Sipahh straw! The students LOVE Sipahh!” – Barbie Connick, Dalmain Primary School, WA.


“This year we have done away with all of our flavoured milk and are now exclusively selling plain milk and Sipahh straws. The straws are an absolute hit with our students … we have had so much positive feedback not only from the students but parents and teachers have also commented on how wonderful it is to see so many students drinking plain milk with a Sipahh straw instead of sugar filled flavoured milk. Last week we ordered 100 plain milks for the tuckshop and only had a few left at the end of the week … their popularity is only increasing.” – Kim Byron, Tuckshop Convenor, Miami Primary School, QLD


“After the success of our Sipahh trial at our market day, we’ve ditched all pre-flavoured milk and gone Sipahh only! We’re averaging 100 straws a week … We’ve traffic lighted our menu and only offer green and amber foods, and we have over 700 students to cater for … we are very proud of our P&C run canteen.” – Margreet Philp, Ngunnawai Primary School, ACT